Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Weather or Not...

Spoke with my Mom this morning (speak with her every morning - I'm a good daughter!).  And I listened endlessly - again - about the weather and how hot it will be today.

Uh, yeah... It's June in New Jersey.  It's summer.  It's hot.  I get it. (got it since I was little... I'm kind of perceptive).

NOW, if it was COLD and SNOWING in June... that's kind of an interesting topic.  "Karen, it's snowing!" cries Mom.  "Hold on Mother!!  I just came in from outside and I have snow in my ears.  I was going to set up the grill, but the drifts were in the way!"

What would people talk about if we didn't have the "weather topic"?  Why do some people get so emotionally involved, or obsessed even, about the weather?

My husband - EVERY day he asks, "What should I wear?  What's it like outside?" And then he checks his iphone.    I don't know... Today the sun is shining.  It's June.  It's only a day after yesterday which was about 83 and sunny.  Let me guess - it's about the same as yesterday!

I'm writing about this because I just ran a few errands... and yes, today is hot.  I know that because our air conditioner in the car broke just when it started getting warm outside (hey, maybe it broke this winter... who could tell?  It's not like I checked...)

I gratefully went to a couple of food markets and stood for awhile in the frozen section (you know - the one you RUN through in the winter).  It was great, until I got in line at the registers and listened to other shoppers - "BOY is this a scorcher!"  "I can't believe how HOT it is today!"  "Oh, it must be global warming.  It keeps getting hotter every year..."

What do they talk about in other countries, I wonder?  Do tribes sit around in their villages in the deserts of Africa or the Amazon Rainforest saying, "Boy... it was hot in that hut last night!"

Do they complain about the constant drizzle in Ireland or - (again)...

 ... the Rainforest?

( I don't think I really want to live somewhere with the name "rain" in it.  I mean, you're asking for trouble if you have a basement and your address is "32 Rainy Lane, Drizzle, PA").

I just can't picture a beautiful young couple at a cafe/bistro in Paris/London/Rome, gazing into each other's eyes saying, "Gee, I wonder if it's going to rain?  We need the rain..."

Well, it's 3:30 now and I was going to join my walking group tonight at 6:00, but they canceled because the forecast called for rain.  I'm looking out my window now and the skies are a bright blue -not a cloud.

Weatherman's wrong again.  Now THAT's a whole other topic...

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