Monday, June 23, 2014

My Urban Garden

My husband and I are getting used to being back in New Jersey after living along the water in Plymouth, Massachusetts for the past several years.  It was pretty rural where we were living.  How rural?  Well, my closet, and dearest, neighbors were a flock (actually, a "rafter" - according to Google) of wild turkeys.

I miss those guys!

Now we're living in Summit.  It's a pretty town about 30 miles west of NYC, and we love it, but I feel a little like the country mouse around here, and it's strange living in an apartment after owning homes for the past 20 odd years.  Although this winter was WONDERFUL!  I just sat looking out the window as our Super shoveled the snow.  I just would run outside to bring him a cup of coffee... (Did I mention that was wonderful!)

One thing I do really miss though is having a veggie/herb garden.  But, before we moved, I ran around the property in Plymouth gathering up plants that were important to me, including my Dad's peppermint and rhubarb.

Notice I said my Dad, not my Mom.

My Mother's not a gardener.  When she and my Pennsylvania farm-boy father were first married and living in an apartment, my Dad tilled a small plot behind the building and planted a vegetable garden.  My Mother - a Newark girl - decided to help him weed while he was at work.  When he came home he ran in the apartment crying, "Elizabeth!  Someone ransacked my garden and pulled out ALL the vegetables."  My Mother said, "Oh, dear... what a shame!"  She never went near any of his gardens again!

I'm a chip off my Father's block (so to speak):

My Urban Garden

I may be exaggerating, a bit, about our apartment being very urban.  It's actually a lovely garden apartment.  This is the view from our front door:

So, cry me a river - right?!  I'm really not complaining... ok, just a little.  I just miss having a plot to call my own.

Wow!  Just saw my Super out the window and went out to tell him about my blog and how I miss my garden.  He told me I can have a little spot of land for a six-foot garden behind his tool shed next year!  Who said blogging was a waste of time (besides my Mother...)

I can taste those warm, sweet stawberries already.... yumm!...

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