Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Marty and Me...

Wrote to Scorsese today - yeah, THAT Scorsese.

I wouldn't say we're close.  Actually, I had to look him up on the internet so I knew how to spell his name...

But, I had to write to him because I have a great idea for a movie!  (My mother wants me to write it... but, I'm busy with other things, like blogging...)

Anyway, I know looking for work (and blogging) is my full-time job right now, but I still seem to have some extra seconds to read random things on the internet.  In one of those random searches I discovered an historic figure that really intrigued me for many reasons.

His name is Archbishop John Hughes - AKA "Dagger John."  Here he is:

Oops... wrong one.  (Hey - he popped up when I Googled "Dagger John"!)  Anyway, HERE he is:

"Dagger John"

He doesn't really look that tough, but there's a reason he was called "Dagger John."  He made it his personal cause to fight against Protestant oppression against Catholics - even going so far as using some of his parishioners as armed guards at the original St. Patrick's in downtown NYC.

Old St. Patrick's on Mulberry St., NYC.
The armed men aimed their rifles over those very walls.

(Actually, I'm looking back at that photo of the other guy - John Matthew.  He looks kind of tough.  Maybe he can play Dagger John in the movie!)  Wow... I can write AND cast films.  Mother's right - I SHOULD be in "the business"!

Anyway, here's the info on what John Hughes did that I sent to Marty:
  • Protected his churches with Irish armed guards (see photo above...).
  • Helped quell the angry mobs during the 1863 Draft Riots.
  • Supported the Young Ireland Movement and raised funds for weapons.
  • Began the Catholic School System (and was such a pain to the Protestants, the state passed the Maclay Act of 1842 – the separation of church and state).
  • Founded Fordham University (initially called St. John’s).
  • Began the construction of St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  He laid the cornerstone in 1858.
  • Was instrumental in the Irish becoming policemen, firemen and teachers!  (My great-uncle Matty was a fireman and my cousin Brian was a cop in Philly.  The Irish tradition continues...)
Amazing, isn't he?  Also amazing is I don't know ANYONE who's heard of him!  I mean, what does it take to "go down in history"?!!

So, there you have it, Marty!

I bet he'll let me call him "Marty."

All the info you need to put together a great flick.

I await your call...

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