Monday, June 16, 2014

Goin' to the Jim

(The title's from a joke my sister emailed me - substitute John with Jim.  My sister loves goofy jokes.)

Ok... I decided yesterday to start "training" for a 5k (training in quotes because an overweight, middle-aged lady doesn't really "train" - she just basically stops sitting on her butt in front of the computer, or table, or tv...)  And why did I decide to start this?  Well, because I'm an overweight, middle-aged lady who watches too much of everything.

So, here's my "regimen" so far today (it's now 10 am):

  • Wake up later than I planned (I planned for 6-7 am.  I woke up at a leisurely 9...)
  • Decided it was too late to start (plus I drank too much the day before - read the previous post to see about the blueberry champagne...)
  • Next - decided to research online exactly how to train for this ("From Sedentary to 5k"... that's me!)
  • Researched where track fields are in my town (I'm not running on the street!  No one looks good when they run... especially an overweight, middle-aged lady).

So then I decided to blog about this.  Reading over the list I'm thinking about how no one looks good when running and why that is.  Actually, EVERYONE I see running looks miserable!  Think about it - have you EVER seen someone smiling and laughing when they do this?  I'm having another iced coffee and really think about this some more....

Besides, I've decided my "running regimen" will be on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  The article I found on training said to run every other day and rest every other day.

Today's Monday - my "day of rest."  My regimen has started!

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