Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Beaver Tale

Well, my husband Barry and I could have been famous today.  CBS News called and our New Jersey Channel 12 called us too.  Why?

Because Barry was attacked by a beaver last week at a nearby park!  Yes, a beaver.

I thought it was my "civic duty" to warn the public, so I contacted the Star Ledger (New Jersey's largest newspaper).  The article came out this morning, and it was fun to see... but then we went to their online site - NJ.com...


Our story has gone viral!

Call me naive (I've been called worse...) but I didn't realize this would become such a sensation.  I also didn't realize just how funny my fellow New Jersians were until I read the comments to the online article.  Here's some from the 50 or so posted in the past three hours:

  • Ward, there's something wrong with the Beaver. 
  • Aw, jeepers Wally.
  • If a beaver is chasing you, climb a tree. No, wait! Don't! It will chop down the tree and kill you!
  • Did I just read an article from The Onion??
  • The New Jersey Beaver, being very conscious of current fashion trends, was shaved and waxed for summer. 
  • Snookie trying to get back in the news?
  • Governor Chris Christie stated he has nothing to do with it.

"My staff was doin' a beaver study."

So, we could have been famous if we decided to go on TV... but my husband is kind of annoyed about the whole thing so we're not going on.  He thinks he's going to be labeled, "Beaver Boy."  He has a point...

That's ok - I just put my own highlights in my hair this morning and I look like a giant carrot.  I'm better off staying on the other side of the camera.  I bet Snookie never had this problem - but, that's a whole other topic...

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