Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday Morning - Countin' my Blessings

I'm not a "church going girl," but I do have a pretty deep faith.  I definitely like checking in with the Big Guy, and not just on Sundays.  I just love the life He's given me.  (Hey, I like roller coasters!)

So it's Sunday - a day of reflection (let's ignore that "Sun" day is more based on a Pagan worship of the sun god and that the Catholic Church - when trying so kindly to "convert" people to their faith - switched the traditional Saturday day of worship to Sunday)... but, I digress.

I'm thankful today - Sunday - or any day:
  • I have a devoted and loving husband who stands by his wife, no matter what crazy situations she finds (or gets) herself her in.
  • I LOVE our apartment! It's a duplex - after living for eight years on a one level home I really appreciate that. (Don't get me started on how I once wanted a one level home.  Be careful what you wish for.  And, don't remind me I always thought owning a home was the only way to live.  I used to have a lot of insane rules of life).
  • Our two cats are finally getting along (hey, it only took five months...).
  • And, my Mom is coming over.

Mom.  She had me when she was 41 and now she's 93.  You do the math - I'm 36.  (So, I'm bad at math - I told you to do it!)  I'll write about her in another blog.  She deserves her own blog at least!

My Mom!
So, today I'm going to meet some friends for a walk (I am thankful for my health and friends).  Barry (my devoted husband) and I will take Mother to a car show in downtown (thankful for living in a wonderful town).  We'll come back to our place and have some grilled chicken and burgers - along with Mom's famous cole slaw.  "Bless us oh Lord..."

I'm looking out the window now (or trying to... Calleigh the Calico is sitting right in the middle of it)... It's beautiful outside.  One of those no-humidity, cloudless, perfect 68 degree days that you know you don't want to end.  Of course, in MY perfect world it would rain every night between 3-4:00 am (technically morning) and then be like this EVERY day.
Nah, scratch that last one - I like rainy days too...

Anyway - going out and enjoying today.  God bless this day.  God bless everyone.  I have a nice bottle of local N.J. blueberry (yes, you read right) champagne in the fridge that I was saving for a special day.

Today IS special.  Opening that bottle of blue with my Mom and hubby.  Definitely.

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