Friday, July 11, 2014

Gettin' My "Groove Back"...

I'm wasting my life away.


I've dropped 30 POUNDS since this spring.  Yea!

Here I am in March -

"Who IS this?" what I'm thinking....

Aaaarghh!! I don't know how it happened.  I was a "stick" my whole life.  People were always saying, "You're TOO thin!"  I was the "tall drink of water", the one who would "fall through the slats of a chair", the one who women would tell me to "go home" when we were in our swimsuits by a pool...

One time I went to a small boutique to try on a swimsuit and the owners asked me to model their clothes in a fashion show.

I was THAT thin.

And, then several years ago I moved to Plymouth, Massachusetts.  I threw myself into the "country life. I wore clothes like Katherine Hepburn in "On Golden Pond" and "hauled in wood for the fireplace."

I was rugged!  (By New Jersey standards, that is...)

Here I am when I first moved up north -

Yup!  I could cut bread with those sharp cheekbones...

Well, I guess I started to eat like an outdoorsman... Except I really wasn't doing THAT much activity (other than leafing through L.L. Bean catalogues.)

So, I came back to New Jersey looking quite different than a lot of my friends remembered. (Friends and former co-workers from my NYC/Garment District days.  The days when I was hip, and artsy, and ... did I mention? ... THIN!)

My one friend asked me point-blank, "WHAT happened?"  I kind of struggled with an explanation until he finally blurted out, "Well, whatever you did, do the opposite!"  (Did I tell you he's a friend?) This is a guy though, who at 52 STILL aspires to be the next Calvin Klein underwear model - and looks good enough to actually not be delusional...

But, back to me...

I've dropped 30 POUNDS since this spring.  Yea!

Here I am the other day -

Looking happier!

So, what's the "secret"?   Listen (or read) closely... it's kind of complicated, so you better print this out.

  1. Eat more veggies and fruit.  
  2. Eat less carbs and sugar.  
  3. Eat smaller portions.  
  4. Drink more water. 
  5. Exercise.
Yeah, it's THAT diet. The simple one your mother told you about.  The one you ignored because you heard about the "cabbage juice diet", or the "eat ten pounds of steak for lunch diet", or the "_____________ diet" (feel free to fill in the blank with the one you've tried!)

To tell the truth, dieting (being healthier) IS that simple, and yet it took a weekend visit to a friend's house in March for the "light bulb" to go off.  This friend lost 100 POUNDS last year by eating this way!  (And, looks fabulous - "Hi Connie!")

It was an "AHA" weekend... and, luckily, it stuck with me.

I'm determined... and every week when I weigh myself I say, "I'm going the right way!"

Sure am!

Karen's gettin' her groove back...

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